Most Popular Newborn Poses – San Diego Newborn Photographer

Most Requested Poses by a San Diego Newborn Photographer

As a San Diego Newborn Photographer I photograph babies between age 6-30 days. Most of the time they’re less than 2 weeks old. When photographing babies of this age, there are only certain things you can do that’s safe for the babies. As a newborn photographer my main priority is to practice safe newborn posing, ensuring your baby is safe, comfortable and protected at all times. It important to note that some of these poses require support during posing. These supports are then removed during editing by combining multiple images into one. Let me know you what I mean.

The Pea Pod – Favorite Poses by San Diego Newborn Photographer

The pea pod is one of my favorites and there are so many varieties you can do. You can choose to do hands tucked inside, hands outside; with or without a bonnet etc.

The best part is, it works for any newborn age and for sleepy and calm babies as well as for fussy and unsettled babies.

Plus the babies looks to tiny when wrapped up like this. Pose them on a blanket, in a prop or in parents’ hands for even more variety!

Pea in a Pod Newborn Pose by San Diego Newborn Photographer
Potato Sack Pose by San Diego Newborn Photographer

Potato Sack Pose – Favorite Poses by San Diego Newborn Photographer

Parents always love when I pull this one out. It’s such a fun way of posing a newborn, and the name is even better – Potato Sack!

This pose can be a little trickier though. I usually use multiple layer of wraps and a small little cheese cloth for the hands to rest on. If baby isn’t wrapped properly the head might flop a little more. It’s always important to ensure that baby’s head and neck are supported at all times as they aren’t able to hold their

Unless baby is super secure in a belly ring or something underneath, it’s a pose I do as a composite. Meaning I take one image where I support the head with my hands, and another where I support the body with my hands and then combine the images into one beautiful piece.


Relaxed Back – Favorite Poses by San Diego Newborn Photographer

This pose really only works if baby is really sleepy or at the very least, very relaxed. Baby’s head and butt are both supported underneath the blankets and positioned so their little legs relax against their belly. Sometimes the use of mom or dads fingers gently keeping the legs in place is helpful to keep the curled up look.

This pose works both with cute little outfits or naked or partly wrapped, always keeping private parts hidden of course.


Relaxed on back newborn pose by San Diego Newborn Photographer
Froggy Pose by San Diego Newborn Photographer
Relaxed Froggy pose by San Diego Newborn Photographer

The Froggy Pose – Favorite Poses by San Diego Newborn Photographer

A timeless classic but also one of the hardest poses to complete. This pose is also a composite meaning multiple images are combined in photoshop to create the final art piece. Baby’s legs are elbows are resting on lifters underneath the blanket. Carefully their little fingers are placed on their cheeks.

The first image is taken holding the arms in place providing a stable and safe place for the baby to rest its head. While the second image is taken with gently holding the head from above in a stable position, relieving some of the weight from the fragile wrists. Not every baby enjoys this pose, so it cane take some patience to get to this point. However, I have a three try rule and if baby keeps getting upset after three tries and won’t settle into the pose, I move on to the next one. Never push a baby into a pose they won’t enjoy!


Bum Up Pose – Favorite Poses by San Diego Newborn Photographer

The bum up pose is also another classic that I do in almost every session. This pose can be done both in outfits and naked. I pose the baby resting its head on one hand, while the legs are curled up underneath, essentially lifting their bum up. When naked, this pose also creates those amazing little rolls on their back that are so adorable. Even the tiniest little babes get these rolls and the parents absolutely love those visuals.


Bum Up pose by San Diego Baby Photographer
Chin on Hands pose by San Diego Infant Photographer

Chin on Hands – Favorite Poses by San Diego Newborn Photographer

The hand on chin newborn pose is such a cute pose and one that most baby’s comfortably settle in to. This one can be customized so many different ways with outfits, blankets, headband etc making it very versatile. Baby’s head is lifted up in the front and hands are gently placed underneath the chin for support. Ideally fingers should be spread out and open, but some babies love clenched fists and sometimes you just have to roll with it!


Side laying pose – Favorite Poses by San Diego Newborn Photographer

This is probably one of my favorite poses to do during a newborn session. Baby looks so relaxed and comfortable and just so incredibly innocent. This sidelining pose is also one that most babies seem to love. As long as they’re relaxed or sleepy, they easily mold themselves into this side laying position. And if you’re real lucky, you’ll be able to stack their little feet on top of each other. But sometimes, baby just is too relaxed and they fall forward which just created another sweet, innocent look!


Side laying pose by San Diego Infant Photographer
There are so many more poses I do through out a newborn photo session in my San Diego Studio, but it would be a mile long blog post to showcase them all.

These are the poses that parents end up choosing the most. I’ll make another post with the most selected proprs – so stay tuned for those.

What’s important to note is that not every baby is the same. Not every baby sleeps as soundly, or curl up the same way. So not every pose is possible during a newborn photography session. If you have a pose that you really, really want, always let me know and I’ll do my best to capture it. But I will never force a baby into a pose they’re not comfortable with. Again, baby’s safety and comfort is my number one priority. Having said that, this doesn’t mean I’m not gentle but stubborn and will keep trying.

If you’ve been wanting to book a session please reach out today and I’d love to hop on a phone call to learn more about what you’re envisioning.