My Favorite Newborn Props to use for Newborn Pictures

My Favorite Newborn Props I use for Newborn Pictures

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, being a newborn photographer [in San Diego] is a dream come true. Being able to capture these precious memories for San Diego parents is such a huge honor. With my style being clean and minimalistic it’s important for me to use setups that mirrors that style. This includes the newborn props that I use. These are my most favorite newborn props to use for newborn pictures in San Diego (or everywhere!).

The Newborn Bed is my favorite newborn prop to use
Newborn Bed used outdoors for a milestone session

The Newborn Bed – My Favorite Newborn Prop

The Newborn Bed is most definitely my most requested and most favorite newborn prop to use for a newborn photography session. It looks like an oversized doll bed, is super versatile, very comfortable for babies and yet minimalistic in style and appearance.

I use it for almost every session unless mom and dad have requested no props. And these pictures are almost always picked by the parents to be in an album or displayed on the wall.

I also love that I can use this bed for milestone sessions. It’s really fund t see how babies grow and using the same prop during each session shows their growth. And it’s easy to bring with so I can bring it outdoors to – just another reason why it’s my favorite newborn prop.


The Wicker Baset – Favorite Newborn Prop

The wicker basket from The Original Photoblocks is another favorite newborn prop of mine. Again, it’s a super versatile prop that works for both sleepy babies and awake babies and also one I can use as the baby grow for their milestone pictures.

With it’s natural material it matches my organic and scandinavian style and it’s one my parents love as well. It works with every color under the sun so we can completely customize it to whatever looks you’re wanting for your newborn photos.

The Wicker Basket is another favorite newborn prop I use for newborn pictures
The Wicker Basket is another favorite newborn prop I use for newborn pictures
Heart Bowl newborn Props by San Diego Newborn Photographer

The Heart Prop – My Favorite Newborn Prop

This is a fairly new addition to my prop collection. A tiny little heart bowl that just adds a little extra something to the setup.

It’s so versatile too, you can use it in so many different ways. Wrap baby up in a pea pod wrap. Have them dressed in an outfit. Or even put it under a fabric cover and stretch I across the bowl creating a heart outline under the baby without actually showing the prop.

Super cute prop and another one of m yfavorite newborn prop that is popular both by myself and among my newborn parents.


The Brown Bowl – Favorite Newborn Prop

This is a commonly used prop of mine as it’s big enough to accommodate not only one baby, but multiples as well. I use it a lot during twin newborn sessions because I can fit both babies in the bowl, posed side by side.

But it’s also a super cute, simple and minimalistic bowl that’s perfect for individual babies. It gives off the natural, organic look that I and my clients love so much!


The wooden bowl newborn prop favorite
The baby swing newborn session setup by san Diego photographer

The Baby Swing – My Favorite Newborn Prop

I just recently tried this pose for the very first time, and while it doesn’t necessarily count as a newborn prop because I use a wrap for the swing, it’s still more of a setup than just wrapping a baby in it.

This turned out to be my favorite pose of the entire session. Ideally I’d like baby to hold on to the swing with it’s hands, but this one was so sleepy her hands wouldn’t grasp the fabric and instead of just fell to the sides. Not a big deal, because it’s still so cute and one of my new favorite newborn props.


I love mixing newborn props with regular poses [see my favorite newborn poses right here] to complete a newborn gallery. However, the main thing to keep in mind when using props is that ensure baby is safe and secure at all times. This includes using weights in the bottom of baskets and buckets, something to support the head with in bowls, and either a spotter right next to baby at all times or even holding baby so create a composite image.

If you’ve been wanting to book a session please reach out today and I’d love to hop on a phone call to learn more about what you’re envisioning.