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Windansea Beach Brand Pictures – La Jolla Portrait Photographer

Windansea Beach Brand Pictures – La Jolla Portrait Photographer

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a blogger, you have an online presence where you connect with your audience and clientele. That’s why having updated brand pictures is so important so that your clientele can get to know you, and see you as more than just an online business. These beautiful Windansea Beach Brand Pictures of Kellie are so special. She runs a blog and Instagram and she’s able to connect with her audience by using personalized photos.

Unless you’re a big corporation with a massive reach, your audience wants to know who you are. It’s all about establishing trust so your clients want to buy from you. Regardless of what your service or product is, people only buy from companies that they trust. So even if you run “just” an influencer account, you attract viewers and get people to interact by letting them know who you are. By finding a personal connection they’re more likely to stick around.

Windansea Beach Brand Pictures of woman playing in the water wearing white pants and black shirt

Windansea Beach Brand Pictures | Showing off your personality

While Kellie and I see each other multiple times a year, for this session she wanted to focus on some nice summer outfits and also health and mindset. By choosing this spot for her Windansea Beach Brand Pictures I knew we’d be able to capture the calming influence of the ocean. I don’t know about you but being by the ocean gives me energy while also providing a calm feeling. Before we went down to the water’s edge we did some standard portrait pictures of Kellie in her outfit. But then we wanted to show off her personality and how fun it can be on the beach. I told her to walk along the edge of the water and then as the waves came up she was kicking around and laughing. These are the images that her audience will really connect with.

Windansea Beach Brand Pictures of woman wearing shorts and a shirt, reading a book no the beach
Windansea Beach Brand Pictures of woman wearing a striped shirt and a jean shirt posing by the water

Windansea Beach Brand Pictures – Utilize multiple areas

What I love about Windansea Beach in La Jolla is that there are so many options for backdrops and usages for your portrait pictures. The staircase that leads down to the beach makes for a perfect stop on your way as you capture new outfits, headshots, photos etc. Grabbing pictures from above the beach provides a unique perspective as well with the ocean in the background.

And in order to include some variety, we also walked down the street and used some of the side streets as our backdrop. This way she has multiple different images to use for her blog and instagram. She’ll be able to get more use out of her images. From a one hour session. wehave enough variety in outfits and backdrops for her feed to look consistent while also unique and updated.

Windansea Beach Brand Pictures of woman posing along the street in a blue shirt and white pants.

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