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Windansea Beach Pregnancy Announcement – La Jolla Family Photography

Windansea Beach Pregnancy Announcement – La Jolla Family Photography

This blog post is WAY overdue. I’m about a year late on this blog post to be honest with you. Actually, so late that since this shoot, the family has not only welcomed another girl into their family. But their next family photoshoot is actually happening in the next couple of weeks. However, better late than never right? And I could not, not share this beautiful Windansea Beach Pregnancy Announcement Session combined with yearly family pictures on the beach. I’ve been photographing this family since I first moved to San Diego and their oldest daughter was born. It’s something so special about seeing the same family back again and again. As a small business owner, repeat clientele is literally the biggest honor ever.

Solo shots of a little girl on the beach during Windansea Beach Pregnancy Announcement captured by La Jolla Family Photographer

Windansea Beach Pregnancy Announcement – Family of 3 becomes family of 4

What’s funny about this session is that I had no idea it was going to be a Windansea Beach Pregnancy Announcement. Not until the day of when they showed up and said they were expecting. They wanted to celebrate their first daughter’s second birthday with some family pictures on the beach in La Jolla. While there, they¬†decided that they should probably do a few pictures as well to announce that they’re expecting their second child. These memories will be something they have to enjoy and look back at for years to come as their daughters grow up.

When working with children it’s important to understand that you can’t just shout directions at them and expect them to cooperate. Sure, we always aim to have a few posed pictures of the entire family. But what’s more fun, and what families love, is to capture the kid’s true personalities. Have them walk around in the sand with their parents, showing what they find as they explore, and showing their natural laughters. These are the precious memories that parents will love to look back on.

Windansea Beach Pregnancy Announcement and Family Pictures Collage captured by La Jolla Family Photographer

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