This is why you think you need the digital images from the wedding

Social Media is how we share

Picture this:

Your friend who got married earlier this year just posted 800 digital images from the wedding on Facebook.  There are some really sweet getting ready moments combined with silly faces from drunk guests at the wedding reception.

You go through the images and smile as you remember her big day. This is when you realize you want to be able to do the same with your wedding pictures. You want your friends and family to like and comment on all your pictures too. It makes you feel good when people like your stuff, doesn't it?

Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I?

Yes, everyone else is posting their digital images from the wedding on social media. The couple uploads image after image in an online album for people to look at once. Some of the images received 20, 50 and maybe even over 100 likes, loves, and comments. Your friend changed her profile picture to the first kiss she shared with her new spouse. And then she uploaded a wedding portrait as her Facebook timeline cover. You catch yourself thinking, "I want a profile picture of me and my spouse too!"

You want to be able to showcase your wedding date on Social Media, make other people smile at your happiness and joy. This is why you think you need the digital images from the wedding. You keep that in mind as you search for your wedding photographer in San Diego.

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However, the problem with digital images is that they are just that, digital images. They end up on a social media account or in a folder on your laptop. And that USB you received is tucked away in a drawer collecting dust. Until one day your kids are asking you to see some wedding day pictures. 

And that's when you realize something horrible:

The social media account you had 10 years ago is no longer active or even reachable. The laptop where all your images were stored died a long time ago. And that USB drive you found covered in dust, can't be read by your new computer because technology changed too much.

This is when you realized how incredibly smart it was of you to stand out from the crowd and not do what everyone else was doing. Instead, you invested a little bit more in your wedding photographer but gained a whole lot more instead. See, instead of getting stuck on needing the digital images from the wedding, you found a wedding photographer in San Diego who explained something very important to you.

You wedding day should be remembered not through social media and how many likes and comments you got. But with family and friends. Gathered around the coffee table telling stories about the day. Sharing their fondest memories of you wedding, all while leafing through that gorgeous handmade wedding album you splurged on. It was an investment you felt was warranted. Because while all of the digital images have been lost to the past, your wedding album is still present. Proudly displayed on your bookshelf and easily accessible whenever you want to relive your wedding day - alone, with your spouse or with friends and family.

Sharing your wedding images on social media is a lot of fun for the present moment. But social media isn't what will keep your memories alive. Your carefully printed images displayed in your home, and your stunning wedding album filled with your favorite wedding images, is what will.

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Hire a wedding photographer in San Diego that will give you more

Hiring a wedding photographer who will give you more than just digital images is who you'll thank years later when everyone else is complaining about not having access to their wedding pictures.

Here at Studio Freyja we acknowledge the instant need of social media sharing (I mean, let's be real we're on social media just as much as anyone!). Which is why all of our wedding couples receive watermarked, social media sized wedding images to share online. But they also receive high quality wedding albums, beautifully created wedding images, and stunning wall art to hang on the wall. Because in the end, we also recognize that with how fast technology is changing we can't always rely on the digital age to work the way we want it.

So if keeping your memories alive is important to you. And if treasuring your favorite wedding photographs in art form is how you want to relive your wedding day by. Then feel free to reach out to us on our website and we'd love to talk to you about how we can make your wedding day last a lifetime!

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  1. This is a really great post. I had never thought of my social media accounts disappearing.
    • jkitzman
      Thank you! I know it's hard to realize that things we use on a daily basis today may not be in use in a decade or two. Which is why it's good to have images documented in other ways as well :)

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