San Diego Luxury Baby Photographer

“Celebrate Your Children’s Milestones With Some Beautiful Baby Pictures”

They say the nights are long, but the years are short! I don’t think one realize the truth of that statement until your baby went from a tiny infant to a crawling and backtackling toddler! And in between that, your baby went through some incredible milestones.

The first time they rolled over. When they sat unassisted for the first time. You blinked and all of a sudden they’re standing by themselves. Or the most amazing one; they’re WALKING!

All these milestones have to be celebrated and documented. Becuase you don’t want your sleep deprived brain to ever forget them. As your San Diego Luxury Baby Photographer I love capturing baby milestones. The most common milestones after newborn photos are sitter sessions (generally between 6-7 months), 9 month sessions and One Year Cake Smash Celebrations. Keep scrolling to see some precious examples of these photography sessions.

My baby can't sit unassisted, what do I do?

6 month sessions, or sitter sessions as they’re also known for, are generally done between 6-7 months of age. This is generally the time when most babies learn how to sit unassisted. They’re also able to really connect with the camera and we can capture their fun and unique personalities.

If you’re baby is still not sitting by 7 months, don’t worry, we can still do this special milestone incorporating more parent poses, or using support and creating magic in Photoshop.

My baby is 3 months - can I still do newborn photos?

3 months is another fun milestone to capture. However, at 3 months your baby is no longer considered a newborn and newborn pictures can be tricky to capture. Baby tend to be more awake and they aren’t able to curl up into those super cute poses we’ve come to expect from newborn photos. However, what they can do is lay on their stomach and hold their head up high. They laugh with mom and dad during family photos. They connect with the camera and showcase they’re beautiful eyes. So even if we may not get the curled up newborn poses, we can still capture your baby’s cute milestones at 3 months.

Do you supply the cake for a cake smash photo session?

One Year is one of my favorite milestones to celebrate. And most people chose to celebrate it with a fun cake smash session. These cake smash pictures can be a complete mess but also so much fun and adorable. Your baby might LOVE the cake, and they may not want anything to do with it. Either way, we’re posed to get some adorable cakesmash pictures of your baby. I do ask that parents bring their own cake to the session. Because of allergy reasons it is better for parents to bring the cake as they know their babies best. However, I can alsway provide recommendations on style of cake, colors and vendors to really match your setup.

Do I get a disconut if I book multiple sessions?

As a San Diego Baby and Family Photographer I love building a lasting relationship with my clients. Not only do I love seeing your babies grow up, but we get to know each other better and if you feel comfortable with me then your baby will feel comfortable with me resulting in amazing portraits.

Because of this I do have incentives when you book multiple sessions with me. Just bring it up during your consult and I’ll tell you all about it!