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What to expect from your San Diego Maternity Photographer

This session is all about YOU! Come into the studio and get glammed up before your session with complimentary hair and makeup. Get access to a client closet filled with curated outfits just for you! This is your time to spoil yourself and be celebrated for who you are!

Book your session today to document this special time in your life! And remember – you are beautiful and deserve to treat yourself to this!

Session prices start at $890.

When do I book my Maternity Pictures?

There is a finite time for when you can do your maternity photos. And it’s not even controlled by your due date, but by the birth of your baby. They can be unpredictable and come at their own schedule. So when planning your San Diego Maternity Sessions we have to keep that in mind. Having said that, the best time to do your maternity pictures is between week 28-32 of pregnancy. This is a good time to have allowed your belly to pop, but we’re hopefully not at the risk of you giving birth during your session, and you’re most likely still feeling good enough to move around properly.

With your maternity session taking place between week 28-32, the best time to actually book your maternity photographer in San Diego is when you enter your second trimester to ensure we can schedule you in for the proper timeline.

Do I have to bring my own clothes for the maternity session?

Not at all. I have a beautiful client closet filled with dresses for every size and personality. These outfits are yours to use for your session when you hire me as your San Diego Maternity Photographer. No extra charge. All included.

Do you offer Studio and Outdoor Maternity Pictures?

Whether you’re looking for beautiful, relaxed outdoor maternity pictures San Diego or beautiful, timeless studio maternity photos I’ve got you covered.

San Diego has so many stunning locations to offer, from gorgeous parks and trails, to beautiful beach maternity pictures; there is so much to choose from. These sessions are best for moms who want a combination of lifestyle family photos and posed maternity pictures.

My San Diego Photography Studio is the perfect place if you want to do in-door studio maternity portraits that have more of an editorial yet timeless look. If you want to incorporate some fine art nudes with your maternity sessions then the studio is a great location for that.

Your consultation is the perfect way to discuss all this and find what suits your needs the best. And if you can’t choose, you can always do both. It’s a popular choice to do both an outdoor and a studio session.

Can I bring my dog and kids?

YES!! Kids, partners and fur babies are all welcome to your maternity session with me. Whether it’s outdoors or in the studio you can bring your family with you.

San Diego Luxury Newborn Photographer

As a San Diego Luxury Newborn Photographer I specialize in posed newborn photography with your infant in focus. With a minimalistic & organic approach, your baby will be the focus the entire time.

All of our props, outfits, and headbands are carefully sourced from professional newborn photography vendors around the world. The newborn outfits are specially designed to fit an infant baby, unlike the generic clothing you buy in stores that are generally too big. These outfits, and more, are available at my San Diego Photography Studio as part of your newborn photography session.

Session prices start at $890.

When do I book my Newborn Session?

Because newborns are unpredictable I only commission a select few due dates each month to ensure I have time to accommodate everyone’s births. When you book your session I add your due date to my calendar and make sure I have time for your session starting two weeks before and two weeks after your due date.

Therefore, when you’re entering your second trimester or halfway through it, it’s good to plan to reach out to your newborn photographer and inquire about availability and then secure your newborn session with a retainer. This way you know you’ll have a slot with your preferred newborn photographer in San Diego and you’ll be able to get those beautiful newborn photos you’ve dreamt of.

My baby is 3 weeks, is he too old for newborn photos?

Not at all. While the ideal age for newborn pictures is 8-12 days, I have worked with both younger and older newborns. Generally I put a cap at 4 weeks as by that time your baby is more alert, they’ve grown into their bone denisty a little more and they’re a little harder to get into those curled up newborn poses you’ve hired me for.

Having said that though, each baby is different. For example, if you’re baby was a premie, then we could schedule your newborn photos later on as we then go by their gestational age. As a newborn photographer in San Diego I’ve had plenty of experience working with newborns of all ages. The best way to know is to reach out and ask!

Do you provide outfits?

YES! I have everything we need for your newborn session, including outfits, backdrops and props. I make the process as seamless as possible so you can come to the studio and relax and enjoy the experience.

If you have any sentimental items (like a blanket or stuffy) please let me know ahead of time so I can plan to incorporate those into one of the setups.

For more Newborn Session FAQ, please visit my FAQ page which will tell you all about what to expect when Booking your San Diego Newborn Photographer.

San Diego Luxury Baby Photographer

“Celebrate Your Children’s Milestones With Some Beautiful Baby Pictures”

They say the nights are long, but the years are short! I don’t think one realize the truth of that statement until your baby went from a tiny infant to a crawling and backtalking toddler! And in between that, your baby went through some incredible milestones.

The first time they rolled over. When they sat unassisted for the first time. You blinked and all of a sudden they were standing by themselves. Or the most amazing one; they’re WALKING!

All these milestones have to be celebrated and documented. Because you don’t want your sleep-deprived brain to ever forget them. As your San Diego Luxury Baby Photographer I love capturing baby milestones. The most common milestones after newborn photos are sitter sessions (generally between 6-7 months), 9-month sessions, and One Year Cake Smash Celebrations.

Session prices start at $890.
My baby can't sit unassisted, what do I do?

6 month sessions, or sitter sessions as they’re also known for, are generally done between 6-7 months of age. This is generally the time when most babies learn how to sit unassisted. They’re also able to really connect with the camera and we can capture their fun and unique personalities.

If you’re baby is still not sitting by 7 months, don’t worry, we can still do this special milestone incorporating more parent poses, or using support and creating magic in Photoshop.

My baby is 3 months - can I still do newborn photos?

3 months is another fun milestone to capture. However, at 3 months your baby is no longer considered a newborn and newborn pictures can be tricky to capture. Baby tend to be more awake and they aren’t able to curl up into those super cute poses we’ve come to expect from newborn photos. However, what they can do is lay on their stomach and hold their head up high. They laugh with mom and dad during family photos. They connect with the camera and showcase they’re beautiful eyes. So even if we may not get the curled up newborn poses, we can still capture your baby’s cute milestones at 3 months.

Do you supply the cake for a cake smash photo session?

One Year is one of my favorite milestones to celebrate. And most people chose to celebrate it with a fun cake smash session. These cake smash pictures can be a complete mess but also so much fun and adorable. Your baby might LOVE the cake, and they may not want anything to do with it. Either way, we’re posed to get some adorable cakesmash pictures of your baby. I do ask that parents bring their own cake to the session. Because of allergy reasons it is better for parents to bring the cake as they know their babies best. However, I can alsway provide recommendations on style of cake, colors and vendors to really match your setup.

Do I get a disconut if I book multiple sessions?

As a San Diego Baby and Family Photographer I love building a lasting relationship with my clients. Not only do I love seeing your babies grow up, but we get to know each other better and if you feel comfortable with me then your baby will feel comfortable with me resulting in amazing portraits.

Because of this I do have incentives when you book multiple sessions with me. Just bring it up during your consult and I’ll tell you all about it!

San Diego Luxury Family Photographer

“No family is perfect, we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at time. But in the end, family is family, the love will always be there.

Our family rules: encourage others, love others, laugh and laugh hard.”

Create new family memories while having them documented with beautiful family pictures all around San Diego and Southern California. Showcase the love you have for each other with beautiful portraits hanging around your home. Share your joy, love and life with the people around you.

As a San Diego Luxury Family Photographer there’s nothing I love more than getting to know families throughout all of San Diego County. Each family is unique and special. As a San Diego family photographer it’s a great honor to be able to capture that love and connection and provide each family with beautiful heirloom albums and wall art that they can treasure, enjoy and love for generations to come.

Session prices start at $890.