La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures

| Sy’s ONEderful Milestone Session |

Time flies when you’re having fun and before I knew it, it was time for Sy’s La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures! I first met this family when I did their very special studio maternity pictures at my old Photography Studio in La Mesa. And then again to capture baby Sy’s colorful studio newborn pictures. Each time we had so much fun, and incorporated so much color, and her cake smash was no different. I absolutely love it when parents include colors in their sessions. It makes them so unique and interesting. As much as I love monotone setups, I also love using complementary colors for contrast.

Image collage with three images of baby girl dressed in a boho romper sitting on a chair on a white backdrop with florals incorporated for these La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures

Boho Chic Colorful Milestone Pictures

| La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures |

I had just gotten this romper into the studio and was so excited when mom wanted to use it. Apparently, she had seen a very similar one on Instagram that she had almost purchased so it was perfect. I love how it combines a classic look, with a boho chic feel while also a little fun with the color fur balls attached to it. It fit baby girl so well, and mom had the perfect hairbow in velvet to complete the look.

Happy and smiling girl sitting on the ground on a white backdrop wearing a boho chic romper for her La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures
Top two images feature a little girl with curly hair and a big bow sitting on the ground smiling at the camera. The bottom picture is of the same girl but with her thumb in her mouth and looking serious during her La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures

Colorful Family Pictures

| La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures |

These girls know how to dress! And mom knows how to choose colors that compliment their skin tones, personalities, and each other. These are bold colors in blue, fuchsia and multi-colors. It takes a bold person who’s not afraid to stand out to choose these colors. And I am here for it! These colorful family pictures turned out so amazing. 

Colorful Family Pictures on a bed with multiple complimentary colors completing these La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures

It’s a Family Fun Adventure

| La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures |

What is a cake smash if you can’t include your siblings in the fun? Sy was very curious about her cake, and her two sisters were patiently sitting on the side line waiting to be able to jump in on the fun. While it took a little while to warm up to the idea of smashing the cake and eating it, once she did, Sy couldn’t get enough. Her sisters helped her a great deal at the end, but when they left to get cleaned up, Sy cleaned up the area. Every single morsel of cake and frosting was picked up and enjoyed. She was determined to not leave anything behind!

It's a ONEderful Heart shaped Cake especially made for these La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures
Happy baby girl wearing a white dress with dots of colors on it while enjoying her cake for her La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures. She's got cake and frosting all over her face and hands and laughing big.
The two older sisters joined in for these La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures and all three sisters are sitting against a blue backdrop eating cake
Close up images of three sisters wearing colorful outfits while eating cake during these La Mesa Studio Cake Smash Pictures. Their hands and faces are filled with cake and frosting and they're having fun and laughing

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