Let me help you remember

Is Playahead still a thing? What about MySpace? Do you even remember what your login was for either of those sites? How long until Facebook or Instagram become obsolete and forgotten about?

It feels like a new social media platform pops up every month. A new place to share your images on. To connect with friends, families and strangers. A place where we upload all of our images that we take on a daily basis. How long are they going to stick around for?

Did you know the first iPhone was introduced in 2007? Since then there has been 24 new models of the iPhone released. That’s an insane amount of phones. An insane amount of phones that have precious memories captured on them, and then put away in a drawer somewhere, forgotten about. Or even worse, just tossed away. Millions of images just lost into the unknown.

I can’t even count on one hand how many laptops I’ve owned. Or how many of them failed that contained images that I’ll never be able to enjoy again. I don’t want that to happen to you. I don’t want you to have a computer fail and loose all those gorgeous images we’ve created together. Neither do I want them to be uploaded to a social media platform and then forgotten about.

You made the decision to hire me to capture special moments in your life. Whether that’s as your newborn photographer here in San Diego, or to capture your baby’s first year in pictures. Or maybe it’s to update the yearly family portraits. Whatever the reason, the memories were important enough to you to hire a professional photographer in San Diego instead of just documenting them with your cell phone. So let’s do the pictures justice. Let’s treat them with the respect, love and appreciation that they deserve. They deserve more than just being uploaded to a social media platform, or lost in a million different folders on your computer, or forgotten on a USB in a drawer somewhere in your house.

I want you to remember these moments. You should be able to view them on a daily basis. They should be easily accessible for your kids to look at as they grow older. And more importantly, they should be preserved in a way that your future grandkids, and their kids can witness these moments and see the love your family have for each other. The owner of Fundy Designer once said something that truly stuck with me and really embodies all the reasons why I believe printing our pictures are so important:

We don’t print our pictures for today. We print our pictures for 100 years from now.

I LOVE that statement. We don’t print the pictures for today. We don’t even take the pictures for today. Because we still remember today. No, we take the pictures and we print our photographs for the future when our memories start to fade. For the times when we want to go back in time and remember special moments we want to relive again. We do it so that our kids, their kids and their kids in turn can see where they come from. So that they can connect with their past in a way that they wouldn’t be able to do without a visual aid.

The power of print is so immense. Your printed photographs, your newborn albums, your family portraits is what will live on and will be appreciated far beyond the time of Facebook and Instagram. Don’t let the digital age take your memories with it.

Preserve it. Print it. Love it!

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