5 Best San Diego locations for Maternity Photos

San Diego has so much to offer when it comes to Photoshoots. With so many gorgeous locations it can sometimes be hard to pick one for your maternity photos. So I wanted to share my top 5 Best San Diego locations for Maternity Photos. These are favorite photoshoot spots among my moms-to-be for their pregnancy portraits.

These locations have been thoroughly tested and enjoyed by not only me but families and moms-to-be in San Diego for years. These are locations that I always send as recommendations. I know how to work them to create those stunning maternity photos you’ve been dreaming of.

Best time for maternity pictures at the best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos.

These locations are popular among photographers, locals, and visitors alike. Especially during sunset. Thus, it might be even better to do a sunrise session when these locations are less busy. However, sunset time is the more popular time at these San Diego locations for maternity photos. So if that’s your desired time for maternity pictures, we will plan around it. With my experience, your images will sitll look like we were the only ones there.

As a San Diego Luxury Maternity Photographer, I really wanted to share this list with you. Keep reading below to find the spot that speaks most to you. And then when you’re ready to start planning your maternity photos reach out and I’ll gladly contact you to get the ball rolling.

Collage image of maternity photos by San Diego Maternity Photographer Studio Freyja with a text banner saying 5 Beautiful San Diego Locations for your Maternity Photos

5 Best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos

#1 Windansea Beach, La Jolla

Image of Mom at one of the Best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos Windansea Beach La Jolla

I feel like every photographer in San Diego has their favorite spots to go shoot at. But it always varies from year to year as well. Last year, for example, my favorite spot for maternity photos was at Sunset Cliffs (see below). Now, however, my new favorite spot to go to is a section of beach on Windansea Beach. Between the more popular spot at Windansea and the La Jolla Tide Pools, you’ll find this special spot. It provides the perfect mixture of beach and cliff backgrounds.

While it can get busy, there are enough large areas to shoot at that you can still get epic sunset maternity pictures where it looks like the beach is empty. Trick of the eye as I call it, or just great photo composition and some Photoshop magic.

5 Best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos

#2 Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach

Dramatic Maternity Pictures at one of the Top 5 Best San Diego locations for maternity photos by San Diego Maternity Photographer captured at Sunset Cliffs La Jolla

As I mentioned before, Sunset Cliffs were my go-to place in 2020 and 2021 for both maternity pictures and family photos. Sunset Cliffs sits at the end of Ocean Beach and provides a long stretch of gorgeous cliffside overlooking the ocean. Regardless of where you end up parking, you will have spectacular views over the water. It provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for the most iconic San Diego Maternity Pictures.

My clients love the breeze coming off the ocean, and the many different options this area provides for photos. Did you know that if you walk further along the walkways, there is a beautiful little bridge and a neat little area to step out on? The possibilities are endless for maternity photos at Sunset Cliffs.

Capturing dramatic maternity pictures at one of the best San Diego locations for maternity photos by Sunset Cliffs
Bring your dog to your maternity pictures at Sunset Cliffs La Jolla, one of the best San Diego locations for maternity photos by San Diego Maternity Photographer

5 Best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos

#3 Mission Trails Regional Park

Maternity Pictures captured at Mission Trails one of the best San Diego locations for maternity photos

I’m not going to lie, I’m fairly biased toward Mission Trails Regional Park for any type of photoshoot. Be it maternity pictures, family photos, or baby portraits. Why? Well for one, Mission Trails is GORGEOUS and offers so many different options for spots to shoot at. But also, it’s only 5 minutes from my house so not only is it convenient but I go explore it all the time and know all the little nooks and crannies.

Mission Trails, with its vast landscape, is perfect if you’re looking for a spot in San Diego for some romantic, whispy, bohemian-inspired maternity photos. If you love nature, romance, open landscapes, and mountains, Mission Trails would be the perfect backdrop for your pictures. In the Spring it is filled with wildflowers everywhere. It just makes you appreciate living in San Diego even so much more.

At the same time, with a beautiful red iron bridge, and open paths, it also provides structure and leading lines that make for stunning portraits. Borrow one (or more) of the gorgeous maternity gowns I have at the studio, and watch your maternity dreams come true during your session.

On the opposite side of the park, we also have the “Oak Grove” which is less busy if you don’t want a lot of people walking around you. It’s a beautiful row of trees that makes it flexible to shoot at any time of the day.

Beautiful maternity picture in Mission Trails Regional Park by San Diego Maternity Photographer
Imge of family hugging during family pictures in Mission Trails by San Diego Family Photographer

5 Best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos

#4 Balboa Park

Pregnancy Announcement picture at Balboa park Desert Garden one of best san Diego locations for maternity photos as recommended by San Diego Maternity Photographer

Balboa Park is probably one of the most iconic San Diego spots. Everyone who visits this beautiful city of ours wants to go visit. Not only do visitor loves this spot, but San Diego peeps love exploring this stunning park as well. And it’s a VERY POPULAR spot for photo shoots. Any kind of photo shoot. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Balboa Park without seeing at least one or two sessions, be it maternity, family, or couples, and sometimes even wedding portraits. But what’s so lovely about this area is that it is big enough for everyone to enjoy.

Whether nature calls you to the Desert Garden or Rose Garden with its beautiful floral gardens. Or you’re looking to class it up by using the unique and famous architecture around the inner part of the Park; Balboa Park is such a statement place when it comes to pregnancy photography.

Announcement Pregnancy Maternity Pictures at Balboa Park Desert Garden, Best San Diego Location for maternity Photos
Announcement Pictures at Balboa Park

5 Best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos

#5 Scripps Pier

Picture of pregnant could under Pier at Scripps Pier in La Jolla during maternity pictures

Another iconic spot in San Diego is Scripps Pier in La Jolla. It is a wonderful beach and the pier structure that can be seen from an airplane is one of the most popular places to photograph. In the late summer and fall months when our sunsets are beyond incredible, you’ll see photographer after photographer lined up along the pier to capture the sun setting and perfectly lining up at the end of it, as it sets into the ocean.

What I love the most about Scripps Pier for maternity and family photos, is not the pier itself, although it makes for a pretty impactful photo. It’s that there is a long, wide stretch of sand, lined with tall cliff sides that look stunning as a backdrop. I love the variety I can get from shooting at this location. I love that no matter how busy it gets, there are always angles and directions to shoot to still make it seem like we’re the only ones present at that particular moment in time.

Announcement Pregnancy Maternity Pictures at Balboa Park Desert Garden, Best San Diego Location for maternity Photos
Announcement Pictures at Balboa Park

BONUS ROUND – 5 Best San Diego Locations for Maternity Photos

Studio Freyja Photography Studio in La Mesa, San Diego

Stunning studio maternity photoshoot in San Diego with mom on brown backdrop and flowy dress

Ok, you can’t be surprised that my BONUS ROUND for top locations in San Diego for maternity photos is, of course, my Portrait Studio in La Mesa. As much as I love an outdoor maternity photoshoot, pregnancy pictures at the studio are just so special. It’s a completely different feel, more editorial, yet personal, minimalistic, and timeless, everything I strive for in my work.

What’s even more fun is, that you’re able to wear a few more different outfit options, and raid our maternity closet as much as you want, as it’s always easier to change outfits at the studio than outdoors. With different colored backdrops, we’re able to create drama, charm, and style. We can do multiple dresses, and can even get creative with fabrics and semi-nude maternity portraits. Creativity knows no bounds.

Special Studio Maternity Pictures in San Diego in Black and White of mom and dad
Gorgeous fine art maternity portrait in La Mesa Photography Studio

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