Pregnancy Planning Checklist – What to Expect when you’re Halfway Through Your Pregnancy

As an expectant mother myself, I know how exciting it is to reach that halfway point in your pregnancy! This time flies by, so I’ve been doing tons of research to make sure I’m prepared, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you! First of all, can we just talk about how FAST time goes by when you’re pregnant? My Pregnancy Planning Checklist has been so helpful when trying to make sure I get everything done.

From curating your perfect registry to creating your ideal birth plan, there are so many exciting things left to do before your little one arrives! So, get ready to take some notes, and feel free to add ideas of your own as they come to mind. 

Pregnancy Planning Checklist | Start your Baby Registry

Honestly, it is never too early to start putting together your baby registry. With so many items out there to choose from and research, starting early ensures you have time to really curate your registry. And it gives your loved ones time to decide on which items they want to get you, and you can always add to it if you come across something new you like.

One thing I did was add a bunch of items to my registry. I used it as a research list and added all the different options I was choosing from to the registry. This way I could keep track of my main choices, and narrow them down as I kept researching.

Create a unique and personalized registry

My top tip is to add some high-ticket items, like your stroller, car seat, crib, etc. for family members and guests who’d like to gift you something big. Or maybe even create group gift items they go in on together. Mix these with some smaller items that will be useful. Like bottle brushes, bottles, sheets, burp rags etc.

You don’t have to keep your registry to just traditional items, either. Consider things like dog walking, meal delivery, and any other services that might help ease your transition into motherhood! If there’s one thing I’ve heard is how little time you have once the baby is here, so any services that can help keep your household running is a good alternative on your registry.

I myself am registered at Babylist, but other options are registering directly at places like Crate & Barrel, BuyBuy Baby, or Amazon

Baby Registry Pregnancy Planning Checklist

Pregnancy Planning Checklist | Start thinking about baby names

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start brainstorming for the perfect baby name. If you want to make it a little fun, you might suggest to your partner that you each come up with your own list and then share them with each other. It might be a stretch, but how cute would it be if you both had the same name on each of your lists without even seeing them first!

This also provides you with plenty of options in case you don’t like some of the initial suggestions. Sometimes you won’t even end up choosing a name on either of your lists, but it helps get the ball rolling!

Name options and alternatives

I never quite realized how hard it would be to decide on names. Do you have a positive or negative relationship to the name? Does it work with your last name? What about a middle name? And what kind of nicknames can be generated using the name? There’s so much to think about it’s overwhelming.

My husband and I aren’t finding out either what gender our baby is until birth. So we have a list of both boys and girls names, making it doubly as hard. But, it’s also fun.

Pregnancy Planning Checklist | Decorate your nursery

Having a baby is exciting and wonderful all on it’s own, but decorating your nursery really makes everything real. Try to aim for a soothing color scheme and create an environment that you’ll enjoy spending a lot of time in.

Make sure you pick out an extra comfy chair for yourself too, whether it’s a rocking chair, glider, or another similar nursery chair. You’ll most likely end up spending a lot of time in the chair, so comfort is a priority!

I put together a little mood board for my own nursery to get started with my inspiration. From here I put together furniture and decor that aligned. This way I knew it would all fit together and look cohesive and not cluttered.

Nursery Design Mood Board for Pregnancy Planning Checklist

Pregnancy Planning Checklist | Start working on your birth plan

A birth plan is exactly what is sounds like, a plan outlining how you’d like your birth to go. It can help take a lot of stress and overthinking off your plate. Start out with your ideal scenario – if you had complete control over your birth, how would you like it to go?

Then, take a moment to go over it and make some tweaks depending on what is really realistic. Keep in mind what you can reasonably expect from your hospital, birthing center, or other location you choose to deliver.

Include things like vaginal birth versus cesarean birth. Pain relief versus natural. Hospital versus home birth. Do you want to hire a doula or a midwife to assist you during delivery? What kind of music do you want to be played during labor? There are a lot of options to think about. 

Pregnancy Planning Checklist | Book your maternity photos

The best time for a maternity photoshoot is sometime between weeks 28 and 30 of pregnancy. This kind of service usually books up pretty quickly, so try not to wait until the last minute. Hiring a maternity photographer to capture your pregnancy creates unforgettable memories. Memories that you’ll be able to look back on once you’ve given birth. But also showing your baby how excited you were while expecting them. And being able to show them where they started out, it’s a fun bonding experience.

When you hire me as your maternity photographer you also get access to my maternity closet. You can see my maternity closet here for an example of some gorgeous gowns you’ll get to choose from if you don’t already have something you want to wear! The best time to book your session is when you enter your second trimester. Contact me today to learn more about the process. 

Pregnancy Planning Checklist | Book your newborn photos

Once your baby is born you’re going to be very preoccupied–in the best way! However, you don’t want to miss out on those precious newborn photos. Make sure you have your photoshoot scheduled within two weeks of birth.

You can book your newborn pictures at the same time as your maternity shoot just to save yourself some time! Using the same newborn photographer as your maternity photographer means you already know them and feel comfortable with them. You can find more information on what to expect from a newborn session with me here!

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