Maternity Pictures in San Diego Timeline

Oh My GOOOOOOOSH!! You’re pregnant, overwhelmed, tired and possibly a little nauseous. There’s so much to plan, to prepare and to get ready for before baby arrives. And somewhere in between all of that you know you want to fit in Maternity Photos as well. And then the dreaded thought arrives: when do I even book maternity photos? Am I too late? Maybe I can just put it off a little longer and book later when I have less to do….

All valid questions and concerns. But here’s a thought: you’re not going to get any less busy the closer to birth you’re getting. I know.. not really what you’re wanting to hear right now. But don’t worry, I’m here to give you some stress relief. Let me tell you exactly what you need to do and prepare for your luxury maternity pictures in San Diego.

Image of pregnant mom in studio wearing a black crop top with belly showing.

Image of pregnant mom during maternity photos outside at Mission Trails with dog sitting next to mom.

Maternity Pictures in San Diego FAQ

  • When do I book my luxury maternity photos?

    It’s best to book your maternity photos as you enter your second trimester and get them scheduled for between 28-34 weeks depending, on if you’re having multiples or not (multiples are scheduled earlier on) and if it’s your first or second or third etc pregnancy. This is to ensure your photographer in San Diego have spots left in their schedule to fit you in. And around 28-34 weeks you’ve popped, have a nice round belly but still able to move around enough to not feel uncomfortable during your session.

  • What do I need to do to prepare?

    When you hire Studio Freyja for your maternity pictures, we’ll have a consultation together to go over what you’re envisioning for your session. What kind of pictures you’re wanting (outdoor maternity photos or studio pregnancy portraits), if someone else is joining in on the fun (partner, other kids, dogs etc), and how you want to experience your pictures after the session (albums, wall art etc). During our consultation we’ll plan everything out including outfit options. You can choose to use only dresses from our maternity closet or you can mix and match with something of your own.

  • What should I expect?

    Your shoot day is all about you. Let’s get you glammed up with hair and makeup before your session to make you look your absolute best. Then we’ll grab the dresses or outfits you wanted to use and go through the setups.

    Your session lasts between 45-90 minutes during which we’ll be able to do multiple different outfit changes and backdrop options. We’ll also include poses with your partner and other kids if you want to. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of breaks for you to rest. And there will also be snacks and drinks available at the studio for you to enjoy so your blood sugar stays level.
    Ultimately I want your maternity photos with Studio Freyja to be enjoyable and fun. I want you to walk away feeling like the queen you are and with a big smile on your face!

How to book Luxury Maternity pictures in San Diego

If you’ve read this and think you’re ready to take the leap and know what you want already you can schedule your maternity pictures right on the website by clicking on the below button called BOOK NOW. This will allow you to pay for the retainer up front and know that you have your session secured no matter what.

If you still have a few more questions or concerns and would like to hope on a quick phone call with yours truly before making the decision to book, don’t worry, simply click the button labeled MORE INFO and fill out the contact form. I will then give you a call as we’ll discuss everything in more details until you feel comfortable enough to move forward.

BUT!! Don’t wait. Either of these options will only take a couple of minutes and afterwards you know you’ve ticked off at least one thing on your to do list and you’re one step close to capturing those gorgeous maternity photos in San Diego that you’ve been dreaming of!