My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

| What started it all |

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamt of your nursery design for a long time. I wanted to share with you My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration, how it came about, and where I sourced all of my furniture. I have a Pinterest Board that’s filled with nursery design ideas that I’ve updated throughout the years as I came across a design that caught my eye.

You’ll notice that all the colors are light, airy, and neutral, with some pops of colors throughout. Originally when we got pregnant I thought I would know what the gender of my baby would be and I’d design the nursery based on that. When we decided to wait to find out until birth, I panicked a little thinking I wouldn’t be able to plan out the nursery as I had originally planned. But then my husband looked at me and asked “would the gender of our child really change up the colors and theme you’d use in the nursery anyway?”. And looking at my Pinterest board I realized he was right.

I never wanted a princess-themed room or a room filled with trucks. What spoke to me were neutral colors, earthy tones, and Scandinavian design. So no gender reveal and my gender neutral nursery inspiration started.

Gender Neutral Nursery Design Inspiration Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner

| My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration |

When I found this sage green crib at Crate & Barrel I knew this was going to be the center point of my nursery design. The color was absolutely perfect, and I love that it converts into a toddler bed as the baby grows up. But funnily enough, it wasn’t the first thing I bought for the baby regarding furniture.

For my mattress, I did a lot of research before I found the perfect mattress for my crib. I settled for the Newton Breathable Mattress. It has great reviews, and not only is it breathable but it also is washable. Win-Win for a new and nervous mom.

Instead, my first big purchase, the one that made it all feel so real, was this black, Scandinavian-inspired bassinet. Also from Crate and Barrel, I fell in love with the black and natural wood combination. Timeless and Classic, yet unique with its oval shape. While it will be moved into our bedroom once our baby is born, it now stands tall and proud in the nursery waiting for its newest inhabitant.

Changing Table and Dresser for my Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

Dressing Table

| My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration |

Measure twice, cut once is a saying I’m sure you’ve heard. Well, I totally failed on that, TWICE actually, for my dresser / changing table setup. My original idea was to use this adorable dresser from Ikea as the changing table. I dressed it up with new gold handles that match the custom closet we built in the nursery. But turns out that my measurements for the changing pad didn’t match the size of the dresser and the dresser is too small.

So instead, I went on Amazon last minute and found this adorable olive green changing table. What I like about it is that it’s very versatile. It will work as a changing table now, but also as a storage for toys later on. Multi-purpose and longevity is important. But funnily enough, even this was too small for the original changing pad. I had to remove the sides of the pad to squeeze it in. But the end result works and it looks great!

Art Work for my gender neutral nursery inspiration

Art Work

| My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration |

It is so important to me to have some Swedish design and inspiration in my nursery. My goal is to speak Swedish with my child so they grow up bilingual. So when I was considering artwork for the nursery I wanted something with a Swedish flair to it.

Luckily I know this amazing artist in Minnesota who just happens to be Swedish herself. So when I reached out to her to commission this painting she was super excited. This watercolor painting on the right is a combination of scenes from a classic Swedish kid’s movie I grew up watching. With the Swedish farmhouses in the back, the flag flying high and proud, and the kids in the forefront I knew it was the perfect artwork for my nursery. I’m so happy with how it turned out and I encourage you to check out the rest of this artist’s work at North Star Art Studio for some inspiration for yourself.

In addition to that my husband and I came up with the idea of making these three prints with English and Swedish-themed displays. I designed these in Canva and printed them through Smallwoods and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Although, don’t look too close as I misspelled two English words!!

Reading Nook for my Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

My Little Reading Nook

| My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration |

This is probably my favorite little corner of the nursery. My little nursing and reading nook. Timeless and comfortable and a place I see myself spending a lot of time in the future. I found this chair on Wayfair and it actually includes a USB Charger (I heard you’re on the phone a lot while nursing!) and it both glides and reclines. The color fit perfectly into the nursery design and it’s super comfortable.

On the wall, I used these spice racks from Ikea to store my books and this little storage bag, also from Ikea, to keep all of the little stuffies in one place. It’s not only cute and functional, but it makes it easy to keep things organized and neat.

My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration by San Diego Newborn Photographer Studio Freyja

The Dog’s Favorite Spot

| My Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration |

Gerrard has been spending a lot of time in the nursery. It’s like he knows something is about to happen, he’s just not sure what exactly. But with that, we knew we needed a rug that was both cute, comfortable for the baby, and easy to clean for Gerrard. This adorable rug from Wayfair was the perfect addition to the nursery. Pastel colors, shapes, and a round design help soften out the otherwise harsh corners in the rest of the room.

If you’re pregnant and looking for some Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration I hope I was able to help out. Feel free to check out this blog post on Top Neutral and Organic Nursery Designs as well for some things to think about when designing your nursery.