Gorgeous Studio Newborn Photos in San Diego

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It feels like just yesterday that I did baby Carter’s Black Panther Inspired Newborn Pictures at my San Diego Photography Studio. And here we are again, this time taking Gorgeous Studio Newborn Photos in San Diego of his baby brother Cayden.

I absolutely adore this family. The boy’s mom Meg and I met when I first moved out to San Diego. She was in the beginning stages of starting her photography business and we just clicked over coffee one day. Since then she’s grown one of the biggest branding photography businesses in San Diego. It’s been so inspiring seeing her journey, and now watching her being a mom of two under two while still building an empire.

Having another San Diego Photographer trust me with their newborn pictures is very special. It’s a huge honor and something I don’t take lightly. But it’s always a little nerve wrecking as a photographer herself, she notices things that regular clients might not notice. Thus, I feel like I have to have even extra, extra attention to the details. Luckily, it’s my normal and the family LOVED their newborn pictures again.

A variety of newborn poses during Gorgeous Studio Newborn Photos in San Diego

Minimalistic and Timeless Newborn Poses in Studio

| Gorgeous Studio Newborn Photos in San Diego |

Baby Cayden slept just as well during his newborn photography session at my photo studio, as his brother did during his. We got so many beautiful and gorgeous newborn pictures with him. These minimalistic and timeless newborn poses in the studio is something that’ll never go out of style.

They focus on the baby and create a simple, yet powerful statement portrait when hung on the walls of your home. The best part with these types of poses and setups is knowing that no matter what the style of your home looks like, they’ll fit right in at home. I especially adore the last image of baby on my popular newborn bed, with mom leaning in giving him a little kiss on the cheek. Such a sweet and simple pose!

Simple newborn photos in San Diego of baby on white backdrops.

Parent and Sibling Poses with Newborn Baby

| Gorgeous Studio Newborn Photos in San Diego |

Last but not least we had to give big Brother Carter a chance to be in the pictures with his new baby brother. And boy did he step up to the challenge. He just full on took on the role as a big brother, at only 18 months himself. These sibling poses with his newborn brother are the most precious poses I’ve seen. The joy and curiosity on Carter’s face is palpable and so adorable.

And then we ended with full family poses and poses with mom and dad. Classic newborn photography poses that mom and dad love. Like I mentioned above, I ADORE working with this family. Not only are they so photogenic, but their love for one another just shines through no matter what I do. It’s truly a special momen for me to be able to capture these portraits for a fellow mompreneur.

Parent and Sibling Poses with Newborn Baby<br />
during Gorgeous Studio Newborn Photos in San Diego

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