The Perfect Timing: When to Take Maternity Pictures


Maternity pictures capture a momentous phase in a woman’s life, embodying the beauty and anticipation of motherhood. However, figuring out the right time for when to take your maternity pictures can often be confusing. You want to make sure your belly has popped, but not be so big you’re uncomfortable. So when is the right time to take your maternity pictures? And when should you schedule your maternity session with your San Diego Maternity Photographer?

In this guide, we’ll navigate through the ideal timing for taking maternity pictures, considering various factors to make your photoshoot a cherished memory. And when you’re ready to take the next step and want to plan out your maternity shoot, I’m here to help you!

When should I schedule my maternity pictures?

The Second Trimester Sweet Spot

You’ve probably heard it before, that second trimester is amazing. It’s the time during your pregnancy when that pregnancy glow comes into place. When hopefully your morning (or all day) sickness has subsided. You can eat freely again. And you look pregnant and not just bloated.

The second trimester takes place between 14-28 weeks. As you come out of that first-trimester fog, it’s a perfect time to schedule your maternity pictures. It’s a great time to do research to find your San Diego Maternity Photographers. Once you’ve found the one you want to work with, reach out and see if they have availability.

Gorgeous expectant mother in a chic brown swimsuit posing for maternity pictures with San Diego Maternity Photographer

When should I take my maternity pictures?

The Goldilocks Period

The best time in your pregnancy to take your maternity pictures is between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, your belly is beautifully rounded yet you’re still relatively agile and comfortable posing for photographs. This also depends on a few factors. For example, is this your first pregnancy? Have you had any complications during your pregnancy that may affect how much you can move around? Are you pregnant with multiples?

While the ideal time to take your maternity pictures may be between 28-32 weeks I’ve scheduled shoots even before and after that time frame. If mom is pregnant with multiples we may schedule your shoot before 28 weeks as your due date may have been moved up to sooner. You may also be experiencing some more heaviness with multiples making it harder to move around the further along you are.

Or maybe you’re just naturally a smaller person and you’re belly hasn’t popped as much as you’d like in the early timeframe. So we may schedule your session for later in your pregnancy to allow your belly to grow a little more.

Whatever timeframe you’re working with, reaching out to your maternity photographer in the early stages of the second trimester, allows you to plan. A professional photographer can provide you with feedback and options for when the best time would be for you.

Fine art inspired maternity portrait of expectant mom wearing a blush pink tulle dress with a painterly brown background

Personal Preferences

Ultimately, the timing of your maternity photoshoot should align with your personal preferences and schedule. Whether you prefer an early session to capture the initial stages of pregnancy or a later shoot to showcase the fullness of your bump, communicate your desires with your photographer to tailor the experience to your vision.

The most important variable to consider is your comfort and well-being when scheduling your maternity photoshoot. My only recommendation is to avoid waiting until the last minute, as you may feel more fatigued and uncomfortable as your due date approaches.

So when’s the right time to schedule and take your maternity pictures?

Deciding when to take maternity pictures involves striking a balance between capturing the beauty of pregnancy and ensuring your comfort throughout the photoshoot. By considering factors such as the stage of pregnancy and personal preferences, you can schedule a maternity session that immortalizes this cherished chapter in your life. Consult with your photographer, plan ahead, and embrace the opportunity to celebrate the miracle of new life with stunning maternity photographs that you’ll treasure for years to come.